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Essential 9: The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

All of Jesus preaching and ministry can be summed up in the announcement “The kingdom of God is at hand.” (Mark 1:15) Heaven has invaded earth and love is reducing broken lives out of the darkness. Joining the cause of Jesus means standing up for those that can’t stand for themselves with Biblical justice and taking back territory from the enemy for the kingdom of God.
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Essential 10: Ministry Gifts

The Holy Spirit is the giver of all gifts. He gives ministry abilities called "Spiritual Gifts" to all believers so they can contribute to the family of God and mission to the world. The church operates as the body of Christ when each person seeks to function in accordance with their gifts.
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Essential 11: Serving and Giving

Jesus continues to live out his life on Earth through His corporate body, the Church. The "Body of Christ" is not just a figure of speech but conveys the reality that Christ lives through His people. Together God's people extend the life of Jesus to the world. When we serve others we show that God loves them and we show God that we love Him.
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